Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feeling Vintage

If acting my age means never sledding with my granddaughter then I guess I will never act my age.  However, I know that sometimes there are consequences and I had better not complain when it comes time to pay.  Three weeks later, I am still moving about gingerly with an "ouch" here and an "oh man!" there!  I'm not one to run to the doctor every time I feel a pain or sniffle so I usually try to self-diagnose.  My diagnosis is a pinched nerve in my lower back  and wounded pride.

I was so anxious after Christmas to get back to listing on Etsy, to re-cover the couch cushions, make a lampshade and on and on and on.  So what do you do with your time when you keep finding yourself back on the couch instead?  Visit all of the amazing blogs out there and marvel over the astounding amount of talent and creativity!

I will share a couple of my favorite blogs, both brimming with vintage style, re-purposed objects, thrifty storage solutions, gardening ideas, delicious recipes, etc.

Visit Heather Bullard at:


Flea Market Style at:

I could list so many more but if you have never visited these sites, you will want to spend lots of time poking around, soaking up lots of inspiration for ideas in your own home.

I was able to list a few vintage items in my Etsy store:  this week so be sure to take a look.  I am still working away at getting my store inventory at least up to 100 items  Then I will re-set my goal to 200!

I am so anxious to get my inventory listed.  I have boxes of vintage hankies, aprons, jewelry, linens, books, pictures, dinnerware, flatware, silverplate, collectibles, door handles,  trinkets and so much more!  There is a self-imposed ban on buying more vintage goods until I have made serious progress in listing what I already have.  What a happy husband I will have if I can stick to this resolve!

Here is a sampling of items that I listed this week:

                                 a charming vintage glass beaded pin or brooch.....

                                          a darling 1960s 0r 1970s baby book......

                         a rare and oh-so-cool 1920s 1930s barkcloth reading bolster pillow, and finally~~~
a Johnson Brothers JB348 vegetable dish, just one of many other pieces in this pattern that I have listed and have yet to list.

******** I am hoping to post some before and after pictures next week of my recent dining room transformation.  If you love natural linen, white, robins egg blue, chippy paint, crystals and repurposed sure to stop back and take a peek!  I had a blast trying to decorate on a budget...yes, budgets can be 
FUN!   Budgets, cause you to be resourceful and creative, kind of like when you were a little girl (or boy) and you "played house" with whatever you could get your hands on.  You transformed it with a little ingenuity and couldn't have been happier with the result.

  Here is a little sneak peek- beginning with the first piece of inspiration that really got the decorating ball rolling:   a crystal chandelier for $6.97 at Goodwill!  Immediately after bringing it home, I took it apart and cleaned it up from top to bottom with a toothbrush, put it back together, taped it off and gave it a paint treatment  


It went from gaudy gold to toned down champagne, a color that I used throughout the project. 

I can't wait to show you the finished chandelier (and tell you the story that led me to it), plus the ~almost~ completed dining room.  I will leave you with one little finished detail hanging in the corner.  I hope you will come back next week and  thanks for visiting!   Be sure to "Follow" me so that you can easily find my blog.

Oh! and~one~more~thing~~~~~~

My granddaughter and I had as much fun sledding as these two dogs, so no regrets here.  Nothing but fun memories!

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