Thursday, March 3, 2011

Etsy Pricing ~ Dr. Seuss Style

This got me thinking of an article on the Etsy Blog last year written in Dr. Seuss style poetry.  It was authored by an Etsy seller of "Handmade"  and was so cleverly done!

If you sell on Etsy and missed this blog post, you will definitely want to go back and read it here.

It was primarily written with "Handmade" sellers in mind. I sell in the "Vintage" category and what he was saying also applied to me and all other sellers in the vintage category so I had fun writing a comment in response:

I like what you said; I like it- I do,
It even applies to other sellers too.

Sellers of "Vintage" items will say
"To sell too cheap just doesn't pay".

First we drive to our favorite flea market,
Thrift store, estate sale- and then we park it.

Our cars run on gas, which we know isn't cheap,
I would ride my bike, but these hills are steep!

I cull, I scout, I poke and ponder
"Will this item sell on Etsy"… I wonder?

Once treasures are home, the work will begin,
Cleaning and shining, fixing that hem.

Now to photograph and write a description,
Think of the "tags" and figure the shippin’.

When a sale is made, the fun will start,
To find the right box, in itself, is an art!

Bubble wrap, peanuts- don't forget those,
Envelopes, mailers, up to the nose.

So if anyone thinks a price is too steep,
Keep in mind the process before you leap!

My name is Cindy Nixon 
So it's useful for me too
Without an X to spell my name
I don’t know what I’d you?

Have some fun today and read Dr. Seuss with your child!