Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vintage Enamel Pans & Bowls

I have listed a few items on Etsy this week that I want to share with you.

Today I listed a vintage 2 strand, large pearl necklace and it was purchased within an hour! Either it was priced too low or it was just plain fabulous...maybe both.  Ha!

I listed this rose quartz necklace but it has yet to be discovered.  It is so pretty with its translucent sheen and an ever-so faint hint of pink undertones.  It is artfully wrapped in gold twisted wire.  I listed both of these necklaces for my mother-in-law.  She inherited them from an elderly lady that she used to take care of.  Now that my mother-in-law is in poor health, she  doesn't get all dolled up anymore so it is time for her to pare down and sell some of her treasures.

I found these very cool tin spice drawers several years ago and finally have decided to part with them.   They have been in the workshop waiting to be upcycled into a little cabinet.  I have decided that I have too many projects and I am feeling overwhelmed.  I know that some creative person will transform these into something fabulous!  They are full of character and need to be lovingly restored to a useful life.

I love old enamel dinnerware and I scored this collection of 7 various sized bowls.  One is marked Sweden.  The rest are unmarked.

I love the color that these enamel pans infuse into a room!  Lively, cheerful and whimsical.  They are made in Yugoslavia.  They share a handle which latches onto each pan and can be removed for easy storage.  Great for stove to table convenience without sacrificing an ounce of style!

I was excited this morning to find that these pans have been featured in an Etsy Treasury named "Great Enamels Around Etsy" by Amanda Thon of GoodSenseVintage.  Thanks so much Amanda!  The treasury can be seen here at:

Here is a fabulous old ceiling shade that weighs in at 4 lbs.! 

 Oops!  I'm not quite sure how to delete this extra photo of the shade.  I haven't quite mastered this whole blog thing yet. 
And finally....a darling vintage napkin holder made in Yugoslavia.

Thanks for coming to my blog!  Come on over to my Etsy store and take a peek around.  Please leave a comment.  It gets lonely around here!

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