Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dreamy Old White Stone Mill

Our kitchen window in Vermont
 Sometime soon I will be posting before and after pictures of this old house that we renovated while we lived in Vermont.  For now, I will just share a few photos of some of my favorite places.  I miss the quaint and beautiful architecture.

Old white mill in Dorset Hollow, Vermont
 We used to walk up through "the Hollow" just to gaze at this beautifully kept stone mill.  The peacefulness of this setting just drew us into into the moment, causing us to forget any cares.

Babbling brook
Art gallery in Chester

Equinox Hotel in Manchester, Vermont

Another angle

and another

This is our little house that we renovated.  Come on back in a bit for the full story, (no particular time frame connected to "in a bit"). I'll do my best!

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